Understanding God’s Promises

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. –Romans 8:28
We all desire to receive a promise from God. God’s Word is full of His promises to His people. This verse from Paul’s Letter to the Romans is one of the greatest of God’s promises.
As we look at the promises of God, we must realize that all of them are conditional. Unfortunately, many times, we take only the promise and fail to receive the conditions. For example, this promise is often quoted as “All things work together for good”, but the condition is where the power is found. Every situation in life will, indeed, work for good IF we meet the conditions. The first condition is a basic requirement of Christianity, love the Lord. The second requirement is the revelation of God’s purpose for our lives.
Sadly, many people never realize their true calling after salvation. This is why circumstances don’t turn out “for Good” often times in our lives. Your question may be “How can I know what I’m called to do?” Answer… ask God, pray with an open Bible, and the leadership of God’s Holy Spirit will reveal what God has called you to do. We don’t automatically know what God expects, we must ask Him. Your situation in life may not look good. But, if you operate in the calling God has given you, true good will follow.
Loving God means seeking to please Him in all we do. When we please God, He blesses us. Take time to examine this promise. Do you truly love the Lord? Are you operating in His calling? If so, look for your circumstances to produce good.
Standing on His Promises,
Bro. Gene

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