The Importance of Truth

The Importance of Truth
Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. Ephesians 6:14a    
           We must understand that when we seek revival we will face opposition. This opposition is always in place. It is a spiritual matter just as revival is a spiritual matter.    
             Paul wrote to the Ephesians to instruct them on how to arm themselves against their spiritual foe. He instructed them to put on the whole armor or God.     
            Let’s look at the first piece of armor that we need to put on, the belt of truth. Truth affects us in our attempts to be submissive to God. We must be truthful with ourselves first. Then we can be truthful with God. In being truthful with ourselves, we recognize our sins and then we confess them to God and receive His forgiveness.
                After forgiveness, comes repentance, a very necessary part of one’s effort for revival. Others will observe our repentance and be encouraged to repent themselves. Our adversary, the devil,is the father of lies and deception. He is the one we battle against.      
           He will attempt to convince us that we will never be in right standing with God, even though scripture tells us different. By putting on the belt of truth, we are now signifying that we completely believe the word of God. Jesus, Himself, said, “I am the truth” therefor, trusting in Him brings us to walk in the truth. We must rely on God’s authority if we are to overcome the effects of lies of the devil. By understanding that we are not in opposition with others in the human race, but, with spiritual wickedness, we can engage in the battle for truth.      
           I will attempt, in the days ahead, to describe each piece of armament that Paul mentioned. Please consider how each piece of armor will benefit you in your quest for personal revival.  
                In Christ’s Love,  
               Bro. Gene

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