In His Hands


11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.      Jeremiah 29:11


Dear Fellow Christians,

     We are facing difficult days but we must not allow this to interfere with the trust we have in a Holy God.  I was certain we could be back having services by Easter, when all this started.  But it seemed the date of lifting the lockdown kept being extended for two more weeks every two weeks.  It now looks as though we will start having services mid-May.  That date will be May 17th.  We will only have the Morning Worship Service that Sunday, no Sunday School and no Evening Service.  Depending on how things go, we may move to full schedule by the following week.  Please feel free when we start services to wear masks and maintain social distancing if this helps you to feel more safe.

     God did not bring this pandemic on us.  However, He has allowed it to happen.  It is my prayer that God will derive good from it.  Always remember God Is In Control.  Please don’t allow yourself to drift away from His love.  This passage in Jeremiah is a promise we can all hold on to. 

     Becky and I offer you much thanks for your kindness shown to us since Becky fell and broke her arm.  The ones of you who prepared meals, sent cards, called by phone, and most of all prayed we send our heartfelt thanks.  This is a demonstration of a Christian family in God’s hands. 

God will lead us through these difficult times.

                      In His Love,

                                                              Bro. Gene


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