Don’t complain! PRAY!!

1 Timothy 2:1-2

Don’t Complain! PRAY!!

         It is very easy to look and see problems all around us, but not so easy to do something about them.

         Paul in his instructions to a young minister was very pro-active. It would do well for us to heed his words. We may seem small and insignificant in the course of all that happens around us. But, this simply is not true.

         The greatest power in the universe, even above the universe, is God. And, He has enabled us to go directly to Him in prayer. If you find it hard to believe that prayer does anything, pray, and watch. We often say we need to pray about a matter, but, do we actually pray about it?

         Those in authority over us may or may not respond to our wishes. But, they have to respond to God’s authority. In James 4, we read, “We have not because we ask not or ask amiss.” It seems that the logical thing for us to do, is pray. Whether or not we like what those in authority are doing, it is our responsibility as believers to pray for them.  God does hear our prayers and He can change anything or anybody. For, He is in control!

         Let us utilize the greatest power known to man and pray for those in authority. If it looks hopeless, remember God is our present hope in times of trouble.


  Bro. Gene

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